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Janey Sharman nee Harris | janeysharman@btinternet.com
My Grandad was chindit 4864041 Pte Reginald Harris with 7th Leicesters, 47 column. Does anybody have any stories information or pictures of him?. I have very little information on him and My father would be very happy if someone knew anything about him.

24 January 2011 - Ontario, Canada

Christine Watkins | ce@watkins1952.wanadoo.co.uk
My dear Dad DERRICK FINCH died last June 2010, aged 87, after a long battle with Alzheimer's. Dad was a soldier in Royal Corps of Signals during Burma campaign & although wounded recalled fondly his time in India. Other than that he never really spoke of this diffcult 5 years he spent away from UK. Mum recalls his letters saying he'd volunteered for "something special" & the only thing he told us kids was that he made many parachute drops and was behind enemy lines, so I wonder if he was in the Chindits? Any recollections of Dad, known to his comrades as "MANGOE FINCH", or of the signals part in Burma, would be so precious to us. Thank you.
13 January 2011 - England

fran gillard | zahonado@googlemail.com
My father was in 1st Batt Lancashire Fusiliers and wrote a diary about Operation Thursday . I would be happy to scan it if anyone would like a personal account-eg of visits by the commanders, life with mules etc. talks about losses at the landing strip, but haven't yet read the next part! My father died three years ago but it is interesting learning more about those years, and why he never really spoke about them. His name was Cooper and he was a captain.
25 September 2010

howard tuckwell | howardtuckwell@yahoo.co.uk
any info on my dad george edward tuckwell
he never spoke of the war;
29 May 2010 - burma india

wayne bentley | jackb256@hotmail.com


I am trying to trace any records or find any information on my granddad he was with the Leicestershire regiment and spent most of the war in Burma and India with the chindits I have got his war records and managed to get his medals, but would like to find any information about him or were, or what he did as he died in when I was 4 and I am a serving Royal Marine, his number was 4868304 Pte Reginald Simpson From Newark on Trent any help would be appreciated, also I have not seen his name on the nominal roll

26 May 2010 - uk

Denise Vardy | denisevdy@netscape.net
Looking for any info on Herbert Eden, he was my uncle. I remember he treasured his chindit jacket and always attended the reunions. Died in 1981 aged 64, loved him very much.
30 April 2010 - Brisbane, Australia

sonia | dcartel70@hotmail.co.uk
Hi this is a long shot as i dont know much info my Grandfather George ernest Ryder was a sargent within the chindits he was with beds bucks and herts divission he passed away 2007 age 90 all he ever told us was they had it rough out there very proud man god bless him x
3 April 2010 - Burma

George Baxter | george2357@live.co.uk
Hello All
I'm researching my dad's (now sadly passed away)war record, particularly Operation Thursday. He was George Baxter Snr, 2nd Btn York&Lancs 14 Brigade under Tom Brodie. Would be really grateful for any info, on his unit, or references on the campaign. He only started speaking about it towards the end of his life and I would like to understand more.
3 April 2010 - Rossendale, Lancs

Chris Summers | christopher.summers@onetel.net
I chanced upon this wonderful site while looking at the website of the pub called 'The Chindit' in Wolverhampton. My dad had a very similar career to H.G.Lambert with the 7th Leicesters, incredibly similar in fact. He was in the same column (74) and as far as I remember was even wounded in the leg, possibly at the same time. I imagine they may have known each other. My dad's name is Gilbert Summers and I was so pleased to find his name in the list of the column members. I fully intended to document his time in Burma but sadly he died in 2000 before I had the chance. That makes reading about H.G.Lambert all the more poignant for me as it could have been written about dad. Many thanks,
2 April 2010 - Ludlow Shropshire, UK

Loreena Brooks | dtoogood@hotmail.com
Please be informed of the death of one of your "old soldiers."

Mr Fred Brooks, of East Langton, Market Harborough died at 2am this morning, 25th January. He served in the "Leicesters" during the second World War, as a Lance Corporal. He served as a Chindit during the Burma campaign, fighting the Japanese, a particulary gruelling time. He completed his service in India as an MP until the troops could be brought home. Although he never talked about the unpleasant side, he would often talk about some of the humour and funnies that happened whilst he was in the army. He was a private man who had retained his independance to the last. His determination to never give up was predominant in all that he did. We would often find him trying to undertake jobs that were, really, impossible for him. No wonder this Regiment was feared if they all expressed that attitude. He leaves a daughter Loreena. The funeral is on 4th February 2010 at the Church, in Church Langton, Market Harborough, Leices. 2pm

David Toogood & Loreena Brooks
0777 9162166
01858 410960
1 February 2010 - UK

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