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DAVID SAUNDERS | david_jack_saunders@yahoo.co.uk
I live in the same village as Norman Coates, an ex Chindit. He was a signaller, using the 22 set, and I would be delighted if anyone could contact me if you knew him.
6 May 2005 - County Durham England

J P D Ball | Jpatdball@aol.com
Looking for RSM Ralph Ross (in charge of stores) with Chindits in Burma
1 May 2005 - I live in Cumbria

Chris | Chris@tommyatkins.org | www.tommyatkins.org
Fantastic site, a great testimony to the famous 'Tigers'.

28 April 2005 - Leicestershire

harry neale | harry@harnealewanadoo.co.uk
I am trying to find my stepfather`s records. He was in the Chindit in 1944, born in Darwen, Lancs he was a sergeant. His name was
Joseph William Fletcher. Any help
gratfully received.
13 April 2005 - UK

Tony Baker | bakerpod@bluyonder.co.uk
My father was with the second Chindit expedition and at 81 is doing very well.
Details: Arthur Baker, Worcesters and Leicesters.
For those attempting to find information on former Chindits a useful starting point could well be the current HQ of the Old Chindits Comrades Ass.
Address to :
TEL: 01902731841
16 March 2005 - West Midlands

Angela Erving | anjipangey@yahoo.com
What a find! I am looking into my family tree at the moment. Just entered'ERVING LIVERPOOL' , this site came up, and I've found my Grandads brother Tommy listed on the respectful casualties list here! Am gonna show it to my grandad who has a photo of this brother on his wall. He is a right soft heart, and I know he's gonna be so proud and emotional that his brother is listed , and so easy to find. THANK YOU!
1 March 2005 - LIVERPOOL

John | www.epoi.com/
Hi, just surfing and found your great site.

I enjoyed my visit.
20 January 2005 - UK

Anne Dixon | annedixon21@yahoo.com
My father in law, George Dixon, from Warrington, Lancashire, served as a sergeant with the Chindits in Burma. I wonder if anyone remembers him? He has, sadly, passed away but when he came to visit us he would talk of his old comrades, especially 'Ginge'.
14 January 2005

sue robinson | pagodahill@hotmail.com | www.chindit.org.uk
The site just gets better, thanks
23 December 2004 - cornwall

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