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Steve Fogden | foggyindoors@btinternet.com
Hi Sandra and Howard,
I saw your posts below, I am guessing that you two are now in contact? I have recently (last March) visited Taukkyan War Cemetery in Burma. I have in my archive, a photo of your relatives memorial plaque. This was sent to me by a friend/contact of mine in Thailand. I shall send a copy to both your email addressess.

Best wishes.

5 March 2009 - Twickenham

sandra moore | sandra.moore@hotymail.co.uk
i came across this site purely by accident but am so pleased i did it has helped me so much and exciting to see how much interest it generatesa i am researching the walker line and am looking for info on leslie argyle walker who was my uncle he was in the 'chindits' and died in burma 1944 so anyone who can help would be appreciated
4 March 2009 - leicester uk

Howard Walker | howardwalker1@aol.com
A wonderful Epitaph to H.G. and all his Comrades. Through this site i have found the answer to the question that i asked my Father "What Happened to my uncle Les". The only thing that he could tell me was that he died in Burma, He knew nothing more.

Leslie Argyle Walker 4865174
7th.Bn.Leicestershire Regiment.R.I.P.

May I say Hi to Stuart Walker who has also visited this site. His email link does not work. He must be the son of my long lost Cousin. Thank You.
5 February 2009 - Leicester

James King | king.baronscourt@btinternet.com
My father Bombadier Harold King no 1091452 posted to 60th Field Regiment 8/12/1941 joined the Chindits died of cerebal malaria 18/5/44 having been evacuated very sick to Bangalore . I would be very grateful for any memories or information about him.
31 December 2008 - Southampton UK

Janet St John | janet.buddy@hotmail.co.uk
Im trying to find information about my dads wartime service in Burma. I think he was in the Leicester regiment. If anyone has memories or has come across his name I would be grateful to learn where to access any information
18 December 2008 - Wiltshire England

Tim Jones | jonesys@tpg.com.au
My Grandad was in the Chindets in burma and was a Machine gunner,he was injured air lifted and then sent back i would love to get in contact with anyone who has anything about George Henry Jones Thankyou im proud of them all.
15 December 2008 - Australia

roseanna fallis | rfallis@gmail.com
Hi! My Dad was in the Chindits. Like a lot of others he didn't talk about his experiences. His name was Tom Garvin & probably called Paddy by some. Would Love to know if anyone has come across any information on him. He served in Burmah and North Africa. Many Thanks
26 November 2008 - He was from Northern Ireland & in the R A

Terrie sisson | terriesisson@hotmail.co.uk
HI my grand father was a chindit in the 7th leicester regiment ,i would like to find out more about his time with the chindits his name is frank whysall lived in nottingham sadly grandad passed away last year so any one who served with my grandad or relatives of his comrades could get in touch i would be grate ful ,
25 November 2008 - Leamington spa

jane hobson | janehobson637@msn.com
Hi, Looking for anyone who remembers my dad Frank Hastings from Ellistown Coalville who was a chindit in burma
18 November 2008

Steve Fogden | foggyindoors@btinternet.com
Just a note to say how good it is to see the references to the 13th King's on the guestbook. As some of you already know I have been researching my Grandfather, Arthur Leslie Howney also a 13th King for over two years now.If there are anymore families or researchers into this group of men who need help or information about them, then please do contact me. More specifically if Stuart Hall (see posting two down from here) reads this message, I am excited by your post, if you do mean that Eric was also in the 13th King's? It would be amazing to hear some stories or anecdotes from a surviving 'Longcloth' Chindit.

Best wishes to all.

12 November 2008 - Twickenham

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