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China | chinateacup@gmail.com | www.shopdrops.com
I am not much of a war story enthusiast but you got me going from page to page. Very striking site - makes me almost want to salute. It is humbling to read the sacrifices of others when here, I go about whining and complaining about every little thing as if every little thing was important!:rolleyes:

It's beautifully told - your Dad's story with the Chindits and the integrity of the story is so well-documented too.

A lasting tribute to a father and a soldier, indeed.
2 April 2006 - Califronia, USA

Teresa | pigginnut@yahoo.co.uk
Very informative site - am hoping someone will maybe read this message and be able to help. I am helping a friend try to find more out about his father all we know is his name was sidney Norton and he was a Chindit with the Leicestershire regiment - Sidney was born in 1921 and died in 1995 Louth - Please contact me if you recognise the name
9 February 2006

Mark Collins | mark-collins@boltblue.com
Ian, a fantastic site of which your father would be justly proud.

You very kindly added my Uncle, Pte 4863973 Dennis SUTTON of D Company to your site after our communication last year. The site is just getting better, going from strength to strength.

I am currently researching the Chindits, and the 7th Leicesters in particular for a project. If anyone knew my Uncle, or could expand more on their experiences with 7th Leicesters I would be very appreciative. My Uncle was a very quiet and reserved man and never spoke of his experiences. He passed away in April of 2004 sadly.

Well done Ian. A true and fitting testament to the quiet heroes.
8 January 2006 - Leicester, UK

Ian Grimwood | igso7188@yahoo.com.au
A fantastic site.
The War Diary is particularly interesting.
A relative of mine was with 40 Column, 3/4th Gurkha Rifles and it is great to see the veterans of this Campaign remembered in such a way.

Ayo Gurkhali!

Ian Grimwood
4 January 2006 - Australia

Huyshe Yeatman-Biggs | huyshe@yahoo.com
I was deeply moved to come across this site and even more so after reading its content and finding out for the first time the circumstances of my grandfathers death .For this i thank you and i know my father will be deeply moved that someone has made sure he will not be forgotten and as we know he did not die in Vain .I am very grateful to all that you have done.
If anyone should read this and have any further knowledge about my grandfather pls e-mail me .Many thanks
23 September 2005 - Stockton ,Nr Warminster, Wiltshire

Webmaster comments   Huyshe
I am so glad that you find this web-site.
My father, Harold Lambert, always spoke highly of your grandfather, (Major Yeatman-Biggs), saying that he put the safety and well being of his men first. He, like all those in the Column, was deeply moved by his death, in the same ambush that my father was wounded in.
Kind regards to you and your father.
Ian Lambert

David Whitehead | davewhitehead2003@yahoo.co.uk
I've just started researching the Chindits, and found your site by chance. I have never yet researched any aspect of the Second World War and failed to be moved and inspired by the courage and sacrifice of your generation. When your backs were to the wall, or when you were asked to do the seemingly impossible, you dug into your store of grit and simply got on with the job. I wonder how many of my generation (mid-forties) and below could find that kind of strength? We owe you a tremendous debt. We always will.
20 September 2005 - Lowestoft, Suffolk, England

Ron Hartill
I have just found your site relating to 7th Bn Leicestershire Regt., which I found fascinating. My uncle, now deceased, 5260299 Pte Charles (Chuck) Taylor served as a muleteer , carrying vickers MMG in 47 Column. he was at the incident when the major was killed. I have the original note from when he became a casualty. He was called up to 8th Bn Worcesters in 1941/42, not certain when he transferred. He did not return to UK until 1946.
I am secretary of an OCA, & we have our "senior" member who is 92, who was commisioned from Warwicks Yeomanry into 4th Bn Border Regt, where he was Animal transport Officer, having been a farmer. Very Best regards Ron Hartill.
19 September 2005 - Uk

Peter Miller | Pistolpete7_@hotmail.com
My father served as a chindit under Calverts 77th brigade, he was in the Kings regiment (Liverpool). he was involved in operation thursaday and would love it if anyone has anything they can share with me, sadly he passed away when i was fourteen and never or very rarely spoke of his service. as most chindits do. his name was Arthur Miller
15 August 2005

Barry Ranns | bazranz@bazranz.karoo.co.uk | banishbullies.myfreeforums.org
What an amazing site, about a part of WWII often, still overlooked. I congratulate you on your hard work.
13 July 2005 - Hull, England

Neeraj | neeraj_1976@yahoo.com
I am a second generation officer in this elite force.Though much removed from the pioneers (especially by the way of blood)the fire within, burns bright and it spurs a desire to know more about my martial fore fathers (My love for the jungles could be genetic!)and creates a bond of awe inspired reverence to the CHINDITs.
20 May 2005 - India

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